Equestrian Centre – The accommodation

An agricultural estate, a farm rustic with beautiful Portuguese architecture. The estate is the result of the dedication and work of three generations of a traditional Ribatejo family that has always dedicated itself to agricultural activities and connected with it all the attention to the Portuguese Lusitano horses.

The accommodation

It has a large yard where, in addition, there are chickens, goats, cows and a donkey. The estate dates back to the late 19th century, and because in this region there were a lot of Falcon birds, the farm was named Quinta do Falcão. Later, the farm, gave the name to the little village. Rustically located and with typical Portuguese architecture, it has everything for a great horseback riding vacation experience. Across the road there is also land with a museum with authentic garments, carriages and posters and here is also the swimming pool and a chapel where you can even get married.

You can stay in either a room or an apartment (e.g. for a family or group of friends). The Quinta does not want to be able to accommodate more than 26 guests to keep the loving attention to their guests qualitative. The atmosphere is warm and soon you are part of the family.

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