Equestrian Centre – Team

The equestrian activity at Quinta do Falcão will be directed to all levels of riders, from those who are now starting their practice to the most experienced, counting on the consolidated knowledge of their resident instructor.

Teacher Pedro Teixeira Farto

He is a true horse enthusiast who likes to learn every day, improve and pass on his knowledge to all those interested. This is the best description of him. Since he was a child, his experience in Ribatejo and international trips, allowed him to know the Horse like few others. Pedro grew up in Ribatejo with his grandfather, who gave him all his passion for country life and horses. Since then, he has been developing his passion for riding, seeking not only to acquire knowledge and experience, but also to get the best out of each horse he trains on a daily basis. Nowadays, he is known nationally and internationally and it is his opinion that the success of turning any passion into a successful practice is in the commitment, in the will that we dedicate to achieve it. Just as each person is unique, each rider will also be unique as the classes given by Pedro are entirely personalized, as what for many works in one way for others may work equally well in a completely different way. His current success results from the educational, pedagogical and technical experience that today gives him the ability to know how to transform a rider and a horse, in a perfect symbiosis. It is equally important to say that he specializes in various equestrian disciplines, such as: Dressage, Working Equitation, Classical Portuguese Riding,

Finally, our Equestrian challenges those who are passionate about horse riding to live the Equestrian experience at Quinta do Falcão.

Owners Rui Salvador and Isabel Salvador

Along with his sister Isabel, he is one of the owners of the Farm. With more than 45 years of experience in the area of horses and agricultural management, and with the help of his wife Sandra Strecht, he is undoubtedly the continuation of the family tradition of dissemination, affection and love for the Lusitanian horse.


Sandra Strecht , Lídia Ferreira, Luís Ferreira, Lucas Godinho, Rúben Marques, Maria do Carmo Sénico and Filomena Ferreira.

This resident team is always available to assist you in whatever is needed and are also responsible for all office management, maintenance of all animals, cleaning of the spaces available to guests, and preparation of meals.

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